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Holistic medicine is a whole-body approach to healthcare. It aims to improve health and wellness through the body, mind, and soul. For more information about Holistic Health at In Good Health PC, please call us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 2365 Reynolds Avenue, North Las Vegas NV 89030.


Table of Contents:

What is holistic medicine?
What can be treated with holistic medicine?
What are the benefits of holistic medicine?
What does a holistic doctor do?

Holistic health is a range of practices and philosophies that focus on the well-being of the whole person, including not only the body but also the mind, soul, emotions, and other aspects of our being. Holistic health specialists are the leading professionals in the field of holistic health and can help their patients improve their health and well-being through a variety of methods. They might provide services such as nutrition and lifestyle counseling, stress management, and other lifestyle practices that can improve health.

What is holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine is a philosophy of healthcare that focuses on the person as a whole, body, mind, and soul. It is based on the belief that the human body is an interconnected system, and that when one part of the system is out of balance, the whole system is affected. Holistic medicine seeks to address the underlying causes of disease and illness, rather than just treating the symptoms with a temporary, topical solution. It seeks to use the least invasive methods to achieve the most effective results and focuses on improving the patient’s quality of life by improving their health, rather than simply extending their life span. Holistic medicine uses a variety of techniques and methods to help treat illness, including lifestyle changes, diet and nutrition, herbal remedies, and other natural remedies; it is often used in conjunction with conventional medicine and works best when it is tailored to the needs of the individual.

What can be treated with holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine is a far-ranging field of medicine that uses a number of treatments, therapies, techniques, and methods to alleviate the underlying cause of disease and improve the harmonization between the body’s interconnected systems. It can treat:


• Viral infections
• Fungal infections
• Bacterial infections
• Parasitic infections

Gut health problems, including:

• Chronic bowel disease
• Food allergies and sensitivities
• Leaky gut syndrome
• Infection
• Inflammation

Hormone and hormone gland-related problems, including:

• Adrenal fatigue
• Pancreas inflammation
• Prostate disorders
• Thyroid disorders (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism)

Toxins, removing them from the body, including:

• Herbicides
• Fungicides
• Pesticides
• Heavy Metals
• Plastics
• Environmental Toxins
• Xenoestrogens

Stress, such as:

• Trauma/Guilt/Fear
• Lack of Purpose
• Lack of Self-Love
• Work Stress
• Financial Stress
• Relationship Stress

Deficiencies, including:

• Antioxidants
• Vitamin C, E, A
• Vitamin D3

Minerals, such as:

o Magnesium
o Zinc
o Iron
o Selenium
• Omega 3 fats
• Oxygen
• Angiogenesis inhibitors
• Immune stimulators
• Amino acids

Inflammation, including:

• Bronchial inflammation
• Dermatological inflammation
• Arterial inflammation
• Gut inflammation
• Arthritis
• Viral inflammation
• Periodontitis
• Neurological inflammation

What are the benefits of holistic medicine?

The benefits that holistic medicine provides are virtually endless, as it can address nearly any medical concern in a natural way. Some of the top benefits include:

• Heals the whole body
• Focuses on disease prevention
• Treatments include natural care
• Quicker relief for pain
• Improvement of overall general health
• Understands the need for a balanced lifestyle
• Awareness of keeping the environment safe and healthy
• Use of natural resources, herbs, and medicines
• Application of natural methods to cure illness

What does a holistic doctor do?

Holistic doctors’ main objective is to help their patients achieve optimal health in a natural way. They can utilize a number of different methods, approaches, and modalities to achieve this goal, and always have a strong emphasis on protecting their patients’ health and wellbeing, which is representative of their philosophy “first, do no harm.” The whole body is the main target. Holistic medicine practitioners believe that the various parts and systems of the body are interconnected, meaning that if one part is damaged, the whole body will be affected, including the person’s emotional and mental health. Holistic treatments include preventative measures and focus on preventing disease and other factors that could exacerbate the situation.
The holistic health specialist at In Good Health can help you naturally ameliorate your ailments and enhance your overall wellbeing and quality of life. Call us today to book an appointment with our holistic health specialist; we look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Las Vegas NV, Nellis AFB NV, Spring Valley NV, Winchester NV, Sunrise Manor NV, Paradise NV, and surrounding areas!

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