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We Offer Preventive Telemedicine With AI

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Remote Health 24/7 Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence From In Good Health PC AI Health Club   Let our telemedicine doctors monitor your health using the Sensights APP on your phone with the smartwatch we provide.

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For only $300 per month, you get the following:

  • Unlimited doctor visits (telehealth)  
  • Unlimited use of the Sensights app with our smartwatch to monitor:  
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation 
  • Stress level, stress response index, heart rate variability, stress level, and falls
  • Unlimited calls to ask for medical advice. 
  • We detect health problems long before you become aware.

From these results the doctor will be able to analyze your responses to life-style and your situations and how those affect your health and well-being 

Prevent heart attacks with artificial intelligence 

Prevent chronic disease with artificial intelligence

Urgent care fee-for-service is also available - $180 per visit. Unlimited use of the Sensights app included.

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